• [V] 정말 두남자의 스토리를보여줬는데 울컥하기도하고~ 재밌기도하고~ 우와한장면들이많습니다 ㅠㅠ형님들 너무 제맘을흔들어놔서 아미분들에게도 말해주고싶어요!! 영화 두남자 빠이팅~
    • [TRANS] En serio, han sabido representar muy bien las historia de estos dos hombres, y la película fue, a la vez, emotiva y emocionante. Hubo muchas escenas en las que me quedé impresionadoㅠㅠ Estos hyungs-nims me han conmovido tanto que quería recomendar esta película a las/os ARMYs. ¡Mucha suerte para la película Derailed!


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[TRANS] 161127 – The Spanish newspaper “El Confidencial” talks about BTS and Kpop phenomenon in Spain

Singers, young, handsome… and Korean? Kpop catches the Spanish youth

Spanish teenagers love Korean music. Commercial groups with catchy music and choreographed dances. It’s the Kpop phenomenon.


Two weeks ago, Trending Topic in Spain had the words Atleti & Chelsea (football match) and also the tag #GHDevuelveNuestroDinero (about a TV program), but also a hashtag that most of us didn’t understand: #SpainWantsBTS. Under this phrase, thousands of messages called for a group of young Asians to perform a concert in our country. They don’t appear in the list of best-selling albums, they radios don’t play them every day, the Spanish media don’t talk about their scandals, but they are part of a worldwide phenomenon called Kpop, music made in Korea, sung in Korean. Sigue leyendo